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Instant Message And Text Acronym Dictionary

Instant Message And Text Acronym Dictionary

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Instant Message And Text Acronym Dictionary

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Oct 1, 2011


This dictionary is the first of its kind written by world renowned Internet Marketing expert Tim Beachum. It was inspired by the death of a young girl who was murdered by an Internet predator. Her life could have been spared if her parents would have understood the lingo that she was using while chatting online.

It is the hopes of Mr. Beachum and his team that parents, teachers and other educators use this book as a tool to prevent such things from happening again. If this dictionary can keep one individual safe or prevent something dangerous from happening to another persons child then we will be happy.

All funds raised from the sales of this book will go towards keeping kids safe online. Thank you for your purchase.

Oct 1, 2011

Informazioni sull'autore

I am first and foremost a Marketing Strategist and have enjoyed doing so for 10+ years. Welcome to the digital age my friend.

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Instant Message And Text Acronym Dictionary - Tim Beachum

Instant Message and Text

Acronym Dictionary

by Tim Beachum


Chris Beachum

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 ©


Copyright 2011 © 4th Generation Communications. All rights reserved.

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I decided to create this dictionary after watching once of those crime television shows. The show featured a broken hearted mother, who’s daughter was brutally murdered. The sad part is the mother had done everything right as a parent. She took all of the precautions that a parent should take to keep their child safe online. The computer was located in an open area of the home. She had special monitoring software online to ensure that her child was only able to surf family friendly sites.

The mother would frequently check her daughters chat log to make sure that everything was appropriate. She over looked the various smiley faces (known as emoticons) and the various acronyms as harmless teenager slang.

It was not until her daughter came up missing that she discovered, that those strange little acronyms had meaning. If only she knew the meaning at the time, her daughter would still be alive today.

My first thought was to create a little cheat sheet that I could distribute online. I began researching the various acronyms and it is mind boggling to discover how many acronyms are being used in the different communities online.

Each community that I encountered had their own way of communicating with one another. Twitter people had their own language. Those on Facebook had their own language, as well as the gamers. The list goes on and on.

As I began compiling my list of acronyms the pages began piling up. Before I knew it I had approximately seventy or so

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