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SAP MDM Frequently Asked Questions

SAP MDM Frequently Asked Questions

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SAP MDM Frequently Asked Questions

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Sep 28, 2011


The Ultimate Reference & Learning Guide for SAP careers!

144 Frequently Asked Questions, Answers, and Explanations.

SAP MDM has emerged as a must-know tool for SAP professionals, and finding user-friendly and up-to-date information can be difficult. 200+ pages of SAP Netweaver MDM Frequently Asked Questions, Answers, and Explanations guide you through your learning process. From helping you to assess your SAP MDM skills to evaluating candidates for a job, SAP MDM Frequently Asked Questions: SAP
MDM FAQ will help you understand what you really need to know and what you can safely ignore.

Each question includes everything you need to know to master the technology, ace a job interview, or properly interview a candidate. More than just a rehash of SAP documentation and sales presentations, each question is based
on project knowledge and experience gained on successful high-profile SAP MDM implementations.

Sep 28, 2011

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SAP MDM Frequently Asked Questions - Equity Press




Question 1: About MDM

Question 2: SRM-MDM 1.0 - Missing MDM pieces

Question 3: MDM 5.5 SP4 Patch 01, 02 Install guide

Question 4: MDM Installation

Question 5: Installation workflow

Question 6: MDM console GUI on Windows


Question 7: MDM Expressions: Count, Max, Min, Concat, etc

Question 8: Check if the client is running or not

Question 9: MDM usage

Question 10: MDM training

Question 11: Consolidation and Harmonization

Question 12: MDM Main Table

Question 13: Missing Import Map

Question 14: Export, import the roles and users tables

Question 15: Attach Image

Question 16: MDM in business scenario

Question 17: Attribute - TEXT field Limitation

Question 18: Error when reading object PartnerGUID

Question 19: Populate taxonomy tables

Question 20: MDM Taxonomy

Question 21: Differentiate the simplified and traditional Chinese in MDM

Question 22: Workflow in MDM


Question 23: Un-archiving Inquera Repository

Question 24: Not able to Un-archive Repository

Question 25: Repository archive warnings

Question 26: Archiving Repository without data

Question 27: MDM Program folders


Question 28: MDM portal connection

Question 29: Can’t connect to MDM Server

Question 30: Java API can't connect

Question 31: Login Failed Using Java API

Question 32: WebDynpro with MDM Java Connector

Question 33: MDM Java connect fails

Question 34: MDM Java APIs to use

Question 35: MDM Import Manager Error

Question 36: Defining Ports


Question 37: Regarding Syndicator

Question 38: Syndication problem while creating MAP with XML Schema

Question 39: Syndicating Selected Qualified Lookup Entries

Question 40: Automating Syndication of MDM

Question 41: MDM Syndication: how to merge fields in the output file

Question 42: Run multiple Syndications on same repository

Question 43: XSD Syndication Problem

Question 44: MDM Syndication from Multiple Tables

Question 45: Automatic Syndication after import

Question 46: Help with XSD


Question 47: Matching/Merging - Threshold calculation

Question 48: MDM Java API: Problem obtaining Repository Schema

Question 49: mdis.ini keeps resetting

Question 50: Video Fields

Question 51: Can not Import Deep Hierarchy into MDM

Question 52: TDMS 2006

Question 53: Error when importing Customer data

Question 54: Assignment behaves like Validation

Question 55: Duplicate Records

Question 56: MDM Workflow can't work

Question 57: SRM MDM Catalog - Transfer Contracts from SRM - XI - MDM

Question 58: Wide way to get MDM data in Java API

Question 59: MDM Reference Data

Question 60: Inbound and outbound folders in client system

Question 61: MDM Jars in EJB DC

Question 62: AVA API 2 and MDM on DB2 database

Question 63: Partitioning Fields and Values

Question 64: Attributes on the Taxonomy level

Question 65: Import Manager Options are disabled

Question 66: Field MSGFN in IDOC7

Question 67: Console

Question 68: MDM Workflow trigger another Workflow

Question 69: Push Data Back to ERP

Question 70: Modify a record

Question 71: Problems executing a workflow

Question 72: Key mappings

Question 73: User Session

Question 74: Asynchronous External Service for Enrichment Architecture

Question 75: Problem with XSD Schema

Question 76: IDoc message type for PM Master Data

Question 77: Boolean Search Constraint in new Java API

Question 78: MDM EJB

Question 79: Data extraction - IDoc not sent out automatically

Question 80: Frequency of import server

Question 81: Process Data using External Service

Question 82: Effects of Key Mapping

Question 83: MDM import server

Question 84: Usage of imported XSD

Question 85: Matching Set Criteria and Search

Question 86: Vendor Master Check tables

Question 87: Batch Import Error

Question 88: Creating repository, Defining tables, types, Configure admin nodes

Question 89: Strange Errors from Import Server on Schema-based maps for repeating nodes

Question 90: Validation Functions Enhanced

Question 91: MDM Extractor

Question 92: Importing Multi-Node XML Files

Question 93: JAVA API: problem with DeleteRecords with Binary Table

Question 94: Unique Constraint in Qualifiers

Question 95: JAVA API: Problem for insert Binary Object

Question 96: Search for Records as Children

Question 97: Deleting Lookup field value

Question 98: Qualifier Field Not Shown in Qualified Table

Question 99: Repository not loading; failed to re-create stored procedure /function

Question 100: Searching Flat Lookup Fields

Question 101: Populate combined field in Import Manager

Question 102: Data Cleansing

Question 103: Match and merge data stored in lookup table

Question 104: Unable to create compound fields

Question 105: Free Form Searches

Question 106: Calculated field not populated

Question 107: Auto ID as Non-Qualifier

Question 108: Unable to Value map

Question 109: Error Merging Records

Question 110: Not able to Populate Qualified Table in Import Manager

Question 111: Attributes values with COM API

Question 112: MDM: Does it reduce Redundancy?

Question 113: Issues with Import Server

Question 114: Enterprise Portal and MDM Validations

Question 115: Importing Hierarchy

Question 116: XML Schemas storage

Question 117: MDM55SP4 Hot fix2 - Linux-Windows & DB problems

Question 118: R/3 data extraction without XI

Question 119: Accessory Product using Subtable

Question 120: Attributes - Multiple Records

Question 121: MDM_CLNT_EXTR Material: extract by 'creation date'

Question 122: Qualified Table Question - Java API

Question 123: Libraries missing to connect to MDM

Question 124: MDM API Repository Query Error

Question 125: MDM UWL Integration

Question 126: MDM Product Accessory Question

Question 127: MDM Data Fetch - Java API

Question 128: MDM API for key Mapping

Question 129: Retrieving attributevalues from a taxonomy table of a specific record

Question 130: MDM and EP workflow integration

Question 131: Normalize in Validation

Question 132: Search by qualified parameter in a LookUp Qualified Flat Multi Valued Table

Question 133: Aggregate Result Set

Question 134: Inheritance

Question 135: Date Format

Question 136: Error Message - Import Manager

Question 137: Lock on Repository

Question 138: COM API Characteristic attribute

Question 139: Difference of EqualToSearchType and StringParameterType

Question 140: MDM Repository (Metadata) Reports

Question 141: MDM Data Modeling

Question 142: Structural changes MDM->BW

Question 143: Import table structure?

Question 144: InDesign Preflight/Package Issue


SAP Master Data Management (SAP MDM) is a component of SAP NetWeaver product group and is used as a platform to consolidate, cleanse and synchronize a single version of the truth for master data within a heterogeneous application landscape. It has the ability to distribute internally and externally to SAP and non-SAP applications. SAP MDM is a key enabler of SAP Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture. Standard system architecture would consist of a single central MDM server connected to client systems through SAP Exchange Infrastructure using XML documents, although connectivity without SAP XI can also be achieved. There are five standard implementation scenarios:

1) Content Consolidation - centralized cleansing, de-duplication and consolidation, enabling key mapping and consolidated group reporting in SAP BI. No re-distribution of cleansed data.

2) Master Data Harmonization - as for Content Consolidation, plus re-distribution of cleansed, consolidated master data.

3) Central Master Data Management - as for Master Data Harmonization, but all master data is maintained in the central MDM system. No maintenance of master data occurs in the connected client systems.

4) Rich Product Content Management - Catalogue management and publishing. Uses elements of Content Consolidation to centrally store rich content (images, PDF files, video, sound etc.) together with standard content in order to produce product catalogues (web or print). Has a standard adapter to export content to DTP packages.

5) Global Data Synchronization - provides consistent trade item information exchange with retailers through data hubs (e.g. 1SYNC)

SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management ensures cross-system data consistency through interactive distribution. It integrates business processes across the extended value chain, delivering features and functions to enable:

Master data consolidation

Synchronization and distribution of master data

Centralized management of master data

Administration of master data

Management of internal content

Catalog search

Print catalog customization

Multi channel syndication of product catalog content

Business process support

Business analytics and reporting

SAP is currently on its second iteration of MDM software. Facing limited adoption of its initial release, SAP changed direction and in 2004 purchased a small vendor in the PIM space called A2i. This code has become the basis for the currently shipping SAP MDM 5.5, and as such, most analysts consider SAP MDM to be more of a PIM than a general MDM product at this time.


Question 1: About MDM

I am working in CCM 2.0 on SRM 5.0 and am interested to know more about MDM. I currently work as a Functional Consultant. I am interested to know what does the MDM do, and as a functional consultant, what would be my role.

Can you help me where to look for details as a launching point?

A: Here is the MDM home page (including relevant links to eLearning etc.):

You can also try reading these threads at SDN:

For good documentation, is the best site.

Installation & Implementation Documentation Center

How-to Guides

And more documents at


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