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Backyard & Pet Bird Treats

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Backyard & Pet Bird Treats

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“Backyard & Pet Bird Treats” is a collection of 76 homemade recipes for small, medium and large birds, which include sweet cakes, seed cones, popcorn strings and much more.

Birds love ground eggs shells, cheese, coconuts(raw), cornbread, cracker crumbs, dog biscuits (chopped fine), and ears of sweet corn, watermelon rind and seeds from veggies. The recipes in the “Backyard & Pet Bird Treats” incorporate most of these ingredients.

If you have been feeding your backyard or pet birds with commercial treats then now is the time to start making your fine feathered friends healthy gourmet treats. If you want to be the envy of your neighborhood then start serving your birds specialty treats and before you know it the word will get out and all the territorial species of birds will start visiting your backyard.

The recipes in “Backyard & Pet Bird Treats” are “Easy” to make. In fact most of the ingredients are readily available in your pantry, or can be purchased from your local pet store or supermarket.

Following is the table of contents for this book:
Things You Will Need
Suet for Wild Birds
What is Suet?
Types of Suet
Rendering Suet
Suet Cakes
Suet Feeders
Pine Cone Feeders
Bird Seed Cake Feeders
Orange or Grapefruit Feeders
Bird Seed Donuts
Recipes for Backyard Birds
-Bird Cakes & Muffins
-Fruit Treats
-Pine Cone Treats
-Popcorn String Treats
-Specialty Treats
-Suet Recipes
Recipes for Pet Birds

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