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Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys: Magical Two-in-One Reversible Projects

Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys: Magical Two-in-One Reversible Projects

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Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys: Magical Two-in-One Reversible Projects

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Apr 9, 2013


Susan B. Anderson's fifth book--her most enchanting yet--turns the spotlight on "reversibles": knitted projects that are two toys in one. This collection of a dozen delightful toys features a dog in a doghouse, a chrysalis with a fluttery surprise inside, a tiny hidden fairy, a vintage toy with a fabled theme to boot, pigs in a blanket, and much more.

The adorable photographic sequences and the playful and energetic line drawings show how each finished reversible can be turned inside out to reveal its companion toy. Projects are arranged in order from simplest (fine for a beginner) to the most challenging. Finally, the book features tutorials from the author (a great knitting teacher), explaining special techniques: how to apply any applique, how to do the stem stitch, how to embroider "eyes" on the Bunny and Lamb, and 14 more. It all adds up to the best knitting book of the season.

Apr 9, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Susan B. Anderson is the author of Itty-Bitty Hats, Itty-Bitty Nursery, Itty-Bitty Toys, Spud & Chloë at the Farm, Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys, and the forthcoming Kids’ Knitting Workshop. She writes her popular knitting blog at and teaches award-winning courses on and at workshops throughout the country. Susan also has a YouTube channel with dozens of instructional knitting videos that can be found under SusanBAnderson. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with her husband and four children.

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Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys - Susan B. Anderson

Happy Mouse, Sad Mouse

Whenever my daughters and I visit the local gift shops in Madison, Wisconsin, we always sift through the toys and stuffed animals. One Saturday afternoon, my older daughter found a funny plush flip toy that had a sad face on one side and a happy face on the other. I realized that a simple flip toy, worked seamlessly and in one piece, would be the perfect starter for this book.

Happy Mouse, Sad Mouse is something beginners can knit; for intermediate and more advanced knitters, it’s a great quick knit through which to dive into this collection of reversibles. Either way, you’ll be done in a flash, which is always a Happy Mouse kind of thing!

Happy Mouse, Sad Mouse

Finished Measurement

4 inches tall (not including the ears)


Balance by O-Wool from Tunney Wool Company (50% certified organic merino wool, 50% certified organic cotton; 50 grams/130 yards/120 meters), DK weight; 1 hank of each:

Version 1 (gray): Opal #2026 (Color A), Rose Quartz #4105 (Color B), and Charoite #5001 (Color C)

Version 2 (yellow): Butterstone #6105 (Color A), Turquoise #2109 (Color B), and Cinnabar #4001 (Color C)

Version 3 (orange): Amber #6122 (Color A), Turquoise #2109 (Color B), and Peridot #3017 (Color C)

Version 4 (striped): Peridot #3017 (Color A), Cinnabar #4001 (Color B), Amber #6122 (Color C), and Turquoise #2109 (Color

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  • (4/5)
    I had the opportunity to review this book thanks to NetGalley. As part of the review it made sense to actually make something from the book. It was a spur of the moment decision and the first pattern, "Happy Mouse Sad Mouse" was not only the easiest but the most accommodating for random yarn colors. I had loads of fun working on this toy. Especially when my daughter kept asking me about it as I was knitting away, trying to get me to hurry up. I had already told her it was going to be a toy and, yes, she could have it. So the easiest part was knitting the bulk of the body. The interesting part was picking up stitches for he arms/legs and the hands. The difficult part was knitting the piece for the nose and attaching it. The tedious part was weaving in all the loose ends and embroidering the faces on. I definitely plan on making something else from this book. It was fun (I know I said that already but it it really was)!
  • (5/5)
    Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys Magical Two-in-One Reversible Projects by Susan B. AndersonSuch a cute and useful idea. This book gives you the details and instructions on how to make a stuffed animal with a surprise.My favorite is the egg that turns into a penguin.Easy to understand knit directions that explain how to sew the item together so one side will show one face expression and the other side with different arm/leg colors show a different face expression.Stitch abbreviations are also explained.Shows some of the more difficult techniques with step by step detailed sections.12 projects, another favorite would be the snowman that turns into a Christmas tree, then again I like the dog in the doghouse and the butterfly one...