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Lunghezza: 180 pagine3 ore


A space pillager and his crew get more than they bargained for when they appropriate a rare mineral that could shift the balance of power in the galaxy. Captain Gene Talbot is at the helm of star ship Pyxis. A brilliant marauder, Talbot and his crew capture a highly refined mineral from a Temocan space freighter. The cargo turns out to be much more than expected: a valuable mineral, 85% pure, called Pranadium. The crew quickly realizes this high refinement can make starships run faster and longer. After narrowly escaping a Temocan Assault Cruiser they take it to a distant but prominent space port. A sale is facilitated to Lord Marshall Dialsto of Naroden. Dialsto makes Talbot a lucrative offer: he wants the Pyxis to disrupt the Temocan pranadium chain of supply and to capture information this new form of pranadium refinement. The question is just who is Talbot actually working for?
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