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The Book of Awesome Girls: Why the Future is Female
The Book of Awesome Girls: Why the Future is Female
The Book of Awesome Girls: Why the Future is Female
Audiolibro3 ore

The Book of Awesome Girls: Why the Future is Female

Scritto da Becca Anderson

Narrato da Catherine Ho

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Celebrate the awesome power of girls
Female empowerment is more accessible than you think. In The Book of
Awesome Girls, celebrate the women and girls who have shaped, and continue
to shape, our future. Now is the time for girl power!
At seventeen, Malala Yousafzai was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Days after
her thirteenth birthday, Anne Frank began writing one of the most poignant
glimpses of Nazi occupation. Throughout history, feminists of all ages have
changed society and inspired future generations. The Book of Awesome Girls is
packed with mini biographies of sheroes, highlighting these and so many other
women and girls who changed the game.
Artists, athletes, and every occupation in between—The Book of Awesome Girls
showcases a plethora of passions and skillsets. Their true stories reveal that real
change comes from standing up and working hard.
Inside, you’ll find captivating chapters such as:
• Tiny Philanthropists: Young Girls Who Put Others First
• Little Entrepreneurs: Girls with Vision
• Amazing Writers: Fighting Battles with Words
• And more!
Data di uscita5 ott 2021

Becca Anderson

Becca Anderson comes from a long line of teachers and preachers from Ohio and Kentucky. The teacher side of her family led her to become a woman’s studies scholar and the author of the bestselling The Book of Awesome Women. An avid collector of affirmations, meditations, prayers and blessings, she helps run a “Gratitude and Grace Circle” that meets monthly at homes, churches and bookstores in the San Francisco Bay Area where she currently resides. Becca Anderson credits her spiritual practice and daily prayer with helping her recover from cancer and wants to share this encouragement with anyone who is facing difficulty in life with Prayers for Hard Times and her latest, The Woman’s Book of Prayer. The author of Think Happy to Stay Happy and Every Day Thankful, Becca Anderson shares prayers and affirmations, inspirational writings and suggested acts of kindness at https://thedailyinspoblog.wordpress.com

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