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A Down and Dirty Christmas

A Down and Dirty Christmas

A Down and Dirty Christmas

3.5/5 (5 valutazioni)
7 ore
Dec 20, 2019


WARNING: Prepare to get moved to the top of Santa's naughty list and love every minute of it!

Snowbound with the Billionaire

"Panties off, Kitten. I want a hell of a lot more than your mouth under the mistletoe tonight...
" Getting snowed in at my abandoned hotel on Christmas Eve with the girl who got away is a stroke of good luck. What I do with that luck is sweet, sinful holiday magic...

Snowed in with the Boss

"I'm going to show you what it's like to spend Christmas on the naughty list..."

I'm a gentleman in the boardroom and a boss in the bedroom. I've also been secretly in love with my too-innocent-for-her-own-good executive assistant, Jane, for the better part of two years. But any woman on my staff is strictly off-limits. Until the night I'm snowed in at the office with Jane...

The same night I discover she's looking for a tutor in the art of seduction... The night I decide to make her mine...

Masquerade with the M

"Leave the mask on, princess, but everything else comes off. I'm ready to see what's mine."

I knew the day I said goodbye to Ivy Prescott that I'd never find another woman like her. Now, we're both six years older, and my innocent Ivy has become an irresistible woman who's ready to learn all the wicked things I have to teach her.

Her lesson will begin with a dress, a mask, and an invitation to play all the reindeer games...

A Down and Dirty Christmas contains three Standalone holiday novellas with no cheating and ALL the dirty talk!

Dec 20, 2019

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Recensioni dei lettori

  • (1/5)
    I couldn't get past the first 8 chapters. Both the story and narration are utterly awful. I'm so frustrated I wasted time on this. Save yourself and skip.
  • (2/5)
    I listened to the first story and OMG is it seriously messed up. Granted, the whole bdsm thing here where the guy actually deliberately causes physical harm that lasts for days and deliberately humiliated her left me disgusted and I ended up fast forwarding through many of those scenes because they legitimately feel like the opposite of love, but the whole novella feels like that anyway, which makes it a complete fail as a romance for me.

    The guy completely abandons and breaks the girl’s heart over a mistake she almost made (she was writing an expose on him when she met him) but she falls in love and doesn’t write the story. He betrays her then goes on a four year binge of alcohol and other women after his sister dies. Then one day he wakes up and thinks “I should have forgiven Dakota. I want her back.” Even though he kicked her to the curb so easily four years ago without a backward glance because he is a judgmental jerk. So after much manipulation, he gets her back where he can talk to her and his “method” of earning back her trust is hardcore beat the shit out of you bdsm, cause nothing says “I’ll never hurt you again like...wait...” The whole premise of the book is bizarre- like Twilight Zone where 2+2=6. I am not into bdsm, but it seems to me that trust would be something you have to feel first before you make yourself vulnerable to the other person. Not the other way around.

    My problem is the initial breakup was just not forgivable the way he did it, then it took him four YEARS and by then, honestly, any woman with an ounce of sanity would have had enough emotional pain triggers from that experience that she would have literally cringed away if he tried to touch her. Her taking him back makes no sense. I was so disappointed in Dakota’s lack of character in trusting someone who was so totally untrustworthy again. He was so awful, and I hated him so much. All I wanted was for her to gently tell him “I forgive you, and I hope you have a wonderful life, but you really did kill the trust I had in you. It’s dead. It’s been dead for at least three and a half years. I’m moving on with my life. Hope you do the same. Bye.”

    Two stars because Erin Mallon is a good narrator. But I REALLY wish that a bdsm/dark romance tag had been on the blurb. I was expecting a sweet holiday romance and this is absolutely not this.

    As a reader, if whiney, judgmental men who like to hurt women are your jam, then enjoy.