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Cultivating Intuitive Faith and True Surrender

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In Cultivating Intuitive Faith and True Surrender, the second program in the “Cultivation” series, Ram Dass is joined by Sharon Salzberg, Krishna Das, Rameshwar Das, Mirabai Bush, Raghu Markus and special guest KK Sah, a close Maharaji devotee, to explore the nature of faith beyond the mind and surrender as it’s known in the Bhakti tradition.

“Every one of us is brought to where we are by a confluence of connection, relationships, interactions, for this moment in time and every moment in time. That’s the flavor and the nature of loving kindness, that’s what it means, it’s this deep knowing of how connected our lives are. It doesn’t mean you like everybody, it doesn’t mean you praise everybody, and it certainly doesn’t mean you approve of everybody, but underneath everything is that deep knowing that our lives have something to do with one another.” – Sharon Salzberg

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