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ancient secrets of mystical yoga: the icon das avatar series: the divine pastimes of lord varaha - the boar incarnation of the supreme personality of godhead

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The Vedas are a 5000-year-old esoteric, intriguing, mystical body of work which carries within it the seed of divine, transcendental knowledge. We live in a world wherein yoga now reigns supreme as the preferred, go to method of modern spiritual realization, and this unique, exclusive, audio presentation by Bhakti Yogi H. G. Jagannatha Dasa paves the way for a clearer, more meaningful understanding of the powerful, enlightening yoga system. A must-have audio experience for all practitioners of yoga, advanced teachers, spiritual seekers as well as all school and library systems.
Recorded in Bangkok
Mixed at Lawrence Sound, Vrndavana, India
Produced by Devin Lawrence
Music by Audionautix

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