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A Cosmically Juicy Life: Heather Joy's Journey Home

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“You don’t have to follow in your mother’s footsteps....”

Storytelling can deeply connect us to our own life’s experience and can be a gentle reminder, a slap in the face, or it can feel like being hit with a ton of bricks! Are you game, are you ready? Grab a glass or a cuppa, sit back, relax, it’s time for you now.

There’s something missing, you just know it! The questions rarely spoken aloud. Can I? Dare I? Is it possible? What if? What is it? There must be more to life? Surely? Am I just being ungrateful?

You’re searching, striving, the noise is deafening and yet silence prevails. There just has to be a better way, doesn’t there?

But I should be happy. I mean I am happy, aren’t I? I can speak my truth? I can’t be the only thinking, feeling this, can I?

Make no mistake, you are never, the only one! Welcome to the tribe!

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