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Stolen by the Sea Lord: Lords of Atlantis

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Tormented warlord Elan, once the highly respected First Lieutenant of undersea mer city Dragao Azul, lost everything the night his son was born. Unable to protect his fierce human wife from the ancient covenant that forced her to the surface, separated from his precious newborn son, and forced into the role of General in a war he does not believe in, he sank into deadly darkness....and escaped. Now carrying secret knowledge that could change the face of the war, he lives only to reunite his family — no matter the cost.

Zara almost died the night she was forced to the surface. Shattered memories are all that remain in her broken heart. Suddenly, Elan stands before her like a mirage. Heart-stopping, mouth-watering, and all hers. And he has returned with her son.

His people will stop at nothing to enforce the ancient covenant, and yet Elan claims Zara has a mysterious, untapped power that can protect them. If she can't, then not only will their family be ripped apart, but the ancient traditions will win — and the hope for the future of the mer-human partnerships will be lost forever.

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