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Metal Skeleton

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Francesca Marqueto is an anthropologist based in Lima, Peru. Every two years, she travels deep into the Peruvian Amazon to visit a village that lives outside the influence of modern society. She has published numerous papers on their lifestyle and customs. But what she doesn’t know is that someone with sinister motives has been reading them very carefully.

Alfonso Calderon is a police officer in Lima. When an unidentified body washes ashore, it is his job to find and notify the family of the deceased. He initially writes it off as another drowning, but after an autopsy he is thrown into a homicide investigation deeper than he could have imagined.

When Francesca and Alfonso’s paths cross, their search for a killer takes them to a mysterious artificial island. There they find that someone has learned from Francesca’s papers and founded a community where outcasts from society must cooperate for survival. It appears that on this island former violent criminals now peacefully coexist. But nothing about the island is as it seems, including the metal skeleton that it was built on.

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