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Just Another Girl's Story: A Memoir on Finding Redemption

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Just Another Girl's Story: A Memoir on Finding Redemption

Scritto da Laura Eckert

Narrato da Alice Silva

Valutazione: 5 stelle su 55/5 (2 recensioni)
Lunghezza: 3 ore


At the tender and problematic ages of 16 and 17, Laura Eckert twice found herself as a patient at an abortion clinic, after her parents had discovered that she was pregnant. Laura was addicted to sex with her step-brother. Neither of them cared about the possible consequences of unprotected sex. The aftermath of her abortion experiences led Laura to become depressed, drink alcohol excessively and feel the need to be isolated from those who loved and cared for her. 

In her memoir, Laura relives those traumatic teenage experiences in an honest and genuine teen autobiography that many will find shocking, harrowing and provocative, and yet implores sympathy and holds the reader spellbound at the same time. Read about her plight and her path to finding the peace and healing that she craved, as she tackles controversial topics of teen abortion, teen pregnancy, teen drinking and alcoholism and sex addiction. Laura’s husband Shawn is deeply rooted in the memoir and shares his take on Laura’s journey to redemption in the Epilogue of the book. 

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