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Far From Shore

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Far From Shore

Scritto da Mark Everett Stone

Narrato da Joe Hempel

Lunghezza: 4 ore


After twelve years away from his coastal Florida home, Detective Dillon Storm is only now getting his sea legs back. When he pulls the body of a woman from the gulf while on an impromptu fishing trip with his nephew, Dillon thinks things couldn't get stranger. When that body is identified as a woman who was pronounced dead three years ago, he realizes how wrong he is.

Now, with little more to go on than a gut feeling and the years' old files from a case that couldn't be colder, Dillon will put his skills to the test as the truth of what happened to the this woman introduces him to new friends and enemies, takes him deeper into the underbelly of sun-soaked Naples than he's ever been before, and thrusts him to a part of the Gulf Coast he's never dared venture.

And when an explosive connection between the dead woman and his half brother Peter is revealed, things promise never to be the same.

Detective Dillon Storm is about to be pulled far from the shore . . .

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