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A Christmas Return

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Spurred by holiday cheer and a surprise hidden in Christmas pudding, an elderly aristocrat tries to right a past wrong by solving a decade-old murder in the latest Christmas novella from New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry.

When a beautiful Christmas package appears on Grandmama's porch, it's much too heavy for the Christmas pudding it holds. With her family away for the holidays, Grandmama digs in to the pudding, only to find a cannon ball baked inside; instantly her memory flies back to a friendship she destroyed a decade before.

Hoping to make amends, Grandmama travels to Surrey and joins up with her former friend's grandson to solve the murder of his grandfather - who Grandmama once loved and whose death she blamed, out of jealousy, on her friend. Grandmama has learned a thing or two from her detective grandson-in-law Thomas Pitt, and her friend's grandson, a sleuth in his own right, has found a suspect and some promising evidence. With Grandmama now on board, the pair sets out for justice amidst the picaresque Surrey hills, hoping to solve an old murder and restore a former friendship before the holiday spirit fades.

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