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The Art of Happiness, Peace & Purpose: Manifesting Magic Complete Box Set

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Manifesting Magic is Craig Beck’s seven-part course in how to hand design your own perfect life.

Many people believe that if they were only wealthy then they could finally be truly happy. However, most soon realize that money and wealth are not the cause of happiness but rather the by-product of it. True peace is like a wheel and money is just one of the many spokes.

Broken down into seven short but powerful books, each deals with an essential spoke in the wheel. This box set of all seven books has the power to deliver the complete life of your dreams. A grand claim you may think, but remember whether you believe that claim or not, you are right!

If you can open your mind to a concept that has already changed the lives of thousands then you have truly found the genie's lamp!

• Book 1: How to attract money using the law of attraction
• Book 2: Living in abundance
• Book 3: Attract more love than you thought possible
• Book 4: Manifest perfect health and vitality
• Book 5: The secret of "Ask Believe Receive"
• Book 6: Becoming fearless
• Book 7: The Law of Attraction 101

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