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The Art of Happiness, Peace & Purpose: Manifesting Magic: Part 5

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We are divine beings with the limitless power of the universe at our fingertips. We are capable of living magnificent and creative lives and yet most people choose not to.

The sad reality is most people will get nowhere near what they are truly capable of achieving and for the most part fear is wholly responsible for depressing statistic.

Fear is the graffiti scribbled on the outer walls of your comfort zone. Most people read it and turn back to safety – a handful ignore it and start running towards the wall instead of away from it.

How to be fearless is your guide to a whole new way of thinking. A paradigm shift so far only mastered by the top 1% of society. The knowledge in this book is considered so profound that it will affect every aspect of your life from your career, relationships, health and happiness.


•How to overcome fear in 3 steps

•Breaking through your comfort zone

•The 5 signs it is time to take action

•How to become powerfully confident

•Escape the Average Joe/Jane world and join the elite 1%

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