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The New Revelations: A Conversation With God
The New Revelations: A Conversation With God
The New Revelations: A Conversation With God
Audiolibro (versione abbreviata)6 ore

The New Revelations: A Conversation With God

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The human race has reached a Time of Choosing. Our options are being placed before us by the tide of events -- and by those who are creating them. We can either move forward, building together at last a new world of peace and harmony based on new beliefs about God and Life, or move backward, separately and continuously reconstructing the old world of conflict and discord.
The New Revelations provides us with the tools to move forward, to pull ourselves out of despair, lifting the whole human race to a new expression of its grandest vision. Neale Donald Walsch urges us to open our hearts and our minds to what may be one of the most important spiritual statements of oour time. A conversation with God that begun as a simple plea from one human being to the God of his understanding, The New Revelations is a life-altering audiobok, given to us when we need it most.
Data di uscita1 set 2002

Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch devotes his time to sharing the messages of his books through writing, lecturing, and facilitating spiritual renewal retreats. The creator of the School of the New Spirituality and founder of The Group of 1000, a nonprofit organization supporting global spiritual awakening, he lives in Ashland, Oregon, and may be contacted through NealeDonaldWalsch.com.

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  • Valutazione: 5 su 5 stelle
    If I could only read one book in my life, it would be this one. I encourage everyone to read or listen. We could make this world such a better place. The whole time I was listening, I was constantly saying “yes!!” And “exactly!!”. They do an amazing job on the audio version.
  • Valutazione: 5 su 5 stelle
    I have never written a review on any book besides the doctor Newton and Dolores Cannon books but this book answers so many questions that I have fought with myself about for many years please you have any questions on religion spirituality what comes after death or you're just not sure about the whole thing do yourself a favor and get your answers with this book it's truly the new revelation of God himself or herself or itself

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