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The Storm Before the Calm
The Storm Before the Calm
The Storm Before the Calm
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The Storm Before the Calm

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Here, not a moment too soon, is a genuine reason not to be afraid of our Tomorrows.

The author of seven New York Times bestsellers in the world-captivating Conversations with God series, Neale Donald Walsch offers us a striking explanation for the upheaval we are seeing all over our planet right now, then proposes a simple plan by which we can impact both our personal and collective future in an extraordinarily positive way.

Here, at last, is something we can do - and do easily - to help our world: Have a simple conversation and make a simple decision. Walsch calls this two-pronged approach the Conversation of the Century and the Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make. The conversation is built around the asking and answering of Seven Simple Questions. The decision is to adopt a daring new way of life.

This audiobook does not stop here, however. It invites each listener to personally engage with the author in co-writing a New Cultural Story for humanity, to be publicly offered to the world.

Be prepared. This audiobook can give you your life back. And our world, its future.

Data di uscita2 ott 2012
The Storm Before the Calm

Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch devotes his time to sharing the messages of his books through writing, lecturing, and facilitating spiritual renewal retreats. The creator of the School of the New Spirituality and founder of The Group of 1000, a nonprofit organization supporting global spiritual awakening, he lives in Ashland, Oregon, and may be contacted through NealeDonaldWalsch.com.

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