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elcome to our 200th edition of ImagineFX. Two hundred! That’s quite a number of pages of jaw-dropping art and inspiration we’ve racked

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First Impressions
Brom Where did you grow up and how has this influenced your art? I’m an army brat, so grew up all over: Japan, Alabama, Hawaii, Germany, to name a few. This influenced my art in many ways. Primarily just being exposed to so many different cultures ex
ImagineFX1 min letti
A Masterful Composition
Pre-production is important for this type of illustration. I design multiple layout compositions to make sure that all of the characters are expressing their personality through their pose. I also make sure that the composition is harmonious as a who
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Paint Iconic Key Art For Blizzard
Will Murai LOCATION: US Will is a Japanese-Brazilian artist living in California. He’s a senior vis-dev artist at Blizzard Entertainment, working on animation, illustration and concept art. BlizzCon celebrates all of Blizzard Entert