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I FOUND ELLEN TOUT’S Eco Worrier column about the ethics of knitting with wool (April) thought-provoking. Over the past few years, I have tried to reduce my plastic usage and my goal is to live as natural a life as possible. In the latest lockdown, I
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Eat The Rainbow
PHYTOCHEMICALS are chemical compounds found in plant-based foods. They are, essentially, the pigments that give plants their colour and they have an enriching effect on the gut microbiota. Crucially, phytochemicals contain antioxidant properties, whi
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The Words
By Tracey Thorn (Canongate, £16.99) Tracey Thorn and Lindy Morrison have been friends for 37 years. They met at London’s Lyceum when Lindy was the drummer in a cult band and Tracey was at the start of her musical adventure, and bonded over the frus