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Gorillas in the midst of a pandemic

People were approaching within 4m of the great apes, and there were 25 instances of physical contact.

New research shows that encounters between tourists and

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I was in Hawaii when I snapped this gold dust day gecko with a moth in its mouth. Another gecko attempted to steal the moth away, and a chase ensued. The pair shot away in a blur of green, up one side of a shed and along the eaves until the first gec
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Tree Hugger
Beautifully disguised among the dappled greens of the verdant rainforest, the Amazon wood lizard is a master of crypsis – remaining motionless, just its spying eyes swivelling in search of insects. Days tend to be spent vertically, clinging to shrubs
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The People Behind Our Stories
The writer and camerawoman finds out if tigers are making a comeback. “The success of those countries that have already significantly increased their populations has proven it’s possible,” she says. See p36 Curious about what happens when nature rec