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6am With Macklemore
BEN HAGGERTY is on the elevated ninth tee at Tierra Rejada Golf Club in Ventura County, California, searching for the perfect drive. Thwapp! Snap hook into the rough on the left. He rolls his eyes. Thwapp! A slice flies onto the fairway of an adjacen
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Ask The Girls In The Office
How can I convince my girlfriend not to be worried about my female best friend? -EC Lizza: This is a hard one. Harriet: It depends on what the problem is from her point of view. Is it that the female bestie is taking up a lot of his time? Or is she j
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Work Less & Do More
Start the morning by picking the most important job you can do today. Build your schedule around that. Some days, it might be a work task; on others, it might be a family issue. Beware of non-essential tasks in which you sink too much time. There are