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lue Moon Publishers is a Canadian small press with an editorial team who believe that lives can be changed through literature. The editorial team know that, ‘Once in a blue moon, a story comes along that captures hearts and

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Writing Magazine
Publisher: Collette Lloyd, email: collette.lloyd@warnersgroup.co.uk Editor: Jonathan Telfer, email: jtelfer@writersnews.co.uk Senior designer: Nathan Ward, email: nathanw@warnersgroup.co.uk Marketing: Collette Lloyd, email: collette.lloyd@warnersgrou
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Big Yourself Up
There is a host of writing lore: ‘this must be right’ statements that writers are advised to follow. Some are doubtless true. For instance, I swear by ‘always do one more check than you think is needed’, but here let me investigate one that may have
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Molly Crawford, editor, Transworld Books
Acquiring Julietta’s book was the most exciting week of my career. When Sue called me to tell me about Norman, I was instantly intrigued by the unusual and unique pitch and I knew I needed to get to know Norman and Sadie for myself. But a great pitch