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GOING ONLINE: How to run your own digital writing workshops PART 2

2020 was not a good year on almost every front, but one thing it did see was a strong growth in digital writing workshops. With the options for face-to-face, classroom-style workshops closed to many people around the world due to various lockdowns and restrictions, many of us spent more time than ever on Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and more online platforms besides – and that goes for whether you were an attendee or a workshop leader.

Last month around we started to explore how you could run your own online sessions, with a look at some of the platforms available to you, how to sell your tickets and some of the admin and marketing considerations. In this piece, we’re going to move on to consider what topics you might wish to talk about, how long the sessions could/should be and how different it is to run a virtual workshop when compared to a more traditional course.


One of the most important things for you to consider is what your workshops

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