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The Hyena Kill
“WE HAD BASICALLY split up; we’d done this for a while and we really thought we’d come to the end,” The Hyena Kill guitarist and vocalist Steven Dobb tells Hammer. “I wrote one more song for something to do one day, and it was so different to our usu
Metal Hammer UK2 min letti
Norway’s progressive visionaries see double GIVEN THE EMOTIONAL clout and melancholic fragility of their music, this two-night event from Leprous’s home city of Notodden sees the Norwegians in a spirited and, on occasion, downright silly mood. Perhap
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I think I’m just about ready to come back from the holidays mentally Laura Jane Grace (@LauraJaneGrace) 100 people unfollowed me overnight. Was it because I called Cuomo a sleezebag or because I quoted the infamous “just grab em by the pussy” remark?