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The Scoop on Dog Food

he quality of food your dog eats influences the quantity of the poop you scoop, according to

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Product Spotlights
Life Extension Mood Improve is a focused probiotic-and-saffron blend that supports the mind-gut connection essential for mood and emotional well-being. It also helps relieve minor digestive discomfort that can accompany everyday stress—all in a once-
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For links to studies cited in our articles and other helpful sites and books, visit For Mother’s Day, we’re focusing on health topics of particular concern to women, including: The Complete Guide to Breast Health * 10 Supplements
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15 Snacks to Stabilize Your Blood Sugar
Q: I often go too long without food—or I eat something that leaves me hungry a little while later. Then I get shaky, irritable, and short with friends, family, and coworkers. What can I do to prevent this? A: What you’re describing is more common tha