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Missing link

t is something of a paradox that people in the throes of a serious eating disorder will swear that they’re overweight. This is often hard for others to make sense of. Surely, if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is less than 18.5 (objectively underweight) and everyone else looking at you thinks you’re skinny as, you must

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New Zealand Listener2 min letti
Risk And Reward
Awriter with a knack for evoking a strong sense of atmosphere, Jon McGregor has been longlisted for the Booker Prize three times and has rightfully won a slew of notable literary awards for his previous novels. A careful craftsperson, McGregor spent
New Zealand Listener2 min lettiMedical
What Doesn’t Kill You …
Radioactivity may not be as dangerous as previously thought. That’s the message from a large-scale survey by Israeli scientists who compared background radiation levels in all 3129 US counties with health statistics from those counties. The rocks and
New Zealand Listener3 min lettiEarth Sciences
Poison Or Remedy?
In Elizabeth Kolbert’s own words, her latest book is about people fixing problems created by people fixing problems – and invariably giving the next generation yet more wicked problems to fix. In all her writing, including her Pulitzer Prize-winning