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Console Wars
It’s nothing short of blasphemy to mention a gaming console inside a magazine that is strictly about PC gaming, and hopefully, the print between your fingers hasn’t been set ablaze at the forbidden word alone. But, I think the PC gaming gods will for
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“How Did Genshin Impact Become Such A Phenomenon?”
ROBIN VALENTINE Specialist in Expecting the unexpected Twitter @robinlvalentine This month Got a little flustered at this picture of himself as an anime lady. OK, maybe this isn’t a typical PC Gamer cover—but that’s just the latest convention Chinese
PC Gamer (US Edition)3 min letti
Khan’t Compete
The original Stronghold holds a special place in my heart. You build a medieval barony, surround it with a labyrinth of impassable walls, and stave off waves of attackers while keeping the serfs living within happy, well-fed, and welltaxed. It had re