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Something that took me quite a while to figure out during college is that a 3D image doesn’t need to be very complex, but it needs to look good. The very first time I applied this idea to my image, my work got published by a magazine. This was how I understood that lighting is one of the most important stages during the creation of an image. Initially you might think that it is just a light source to make something visible, but any cinematographer can tell you that lighting is so much more than that. Lighting is one of the key aspects that separates professional-looking images from amateur ones. With a proper lighting set the artist can convey emotion, ambience, lead the viewer’s eye through the image, and show or hide details. In the end, to light is to tell a story.

If you have been following the other tutorials I wrote for issue 266 and 268 you are now capable of creating a character like these in Blender. And in this tutorial you will learn how to light your character, what are the best places to position your lights sources, and what kind of sources you can use. In addition you will also learn how to render your character separate from the background using collections, and how to get inspiration from real life to create your lighting.


When you open a new scene in Blender you’ll notice that you have three objects already created: a cube, a camera and a light. To better understand what’s happening select your preferred render engine (Eevee

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