American Survival Guide


Welcome to the Spring/Summer edition of ! This is our 10 —and most informative—version of this manual, and we’re excited to share it with you. It covers general preparedness, self-reliance and survival topics that are divided into 10 special interest categories. Each includes important information, tips, tricks and gear suggestions for situations that can arise anytime but are most likely

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American Survival Guide7 min letti
Move Like A Ghost And Leave No Trace
The ability to detect, read and follow both human and animal tracks represents a valuable means of developing a more conscious awareness of the outdoors. In the very same manner, the capability to reduce, camouflage or even avoid leaving visible sign
American Survival Guide2 min lettiBiology
These vitamins are included in Nutrient Survival products: • Biotin (B7) helps keep your liver, skin, hair and nervous system healthy and is important during pregnancy for embryonic growth. • Choline is essential to regulate memory, mood, muscle con
American Survival Guide2 min letti
Are You Equipped For The Outdoors?
Pack these items for a fighting chance if or when you’re thrust into a survival scenario: Rain poncho. Compact, inexpensive and extremely valuable during a downpour, a poncho can help prevent hypothermia by keeping you dry throughout your ordeal. Pa