his is the perfect time of year for a spring clean! For many of us, piano playing has become quite a different experience from what we were accustomed to just a year ago. While for some the daunting reality of a virtual world merely confirms the indispensability of face-to-face interactions, for others it has been an eye-opener to more innovative ways of thinking and remaining creative online. The whole business of learning the piano, teaching it, communicating and exchanging views about it – on all levels from the novice to the more seasoned player – has undergone a shakeup that could well reverberate for a long time, post-pandemic. Piano clubs are no longer geographically bound, as we imagined they – we need to feel we are moving forwards in our piano playing, setting ourselves realistic challenges and bonding ever more closely with our beloved instrument.

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Levitzki The Enchanted Nymph
Key F sharp major Tempo Andante con moto Style Late Romantic Will improve your ✔ Phrasing of melody line ✔ LH technique ✔ Chords Mischa Levitzki was a fine concert pianist. Born in 1898, he left Russia for America, winning many prizes and accolades e
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Mischa LEVITZKI (1898-1941)
WATCH CHENYIN LI PLAY THIS AT WWW.PIANISTMAGAZINE.COM This ravishing (and rather daunting) piece is written by the Russian-born virtuoso pianist Mischa Levitzki. Levitzki enjoyed a glittering career as a concert pianist, but he also transcribed numer
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Your Chance To HAVE YOUR SAY
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