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Tory Pratt grew up in a family of cooks—her parents were caterers and owned a smoked seafood business in Philadelphia. When she went to college in Washington, D.C., the quality of campus food surprised her, and not in an especially good way. She essentially became a full-time resident of the dorm kitchen, making meals more to her liking. (“I

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A Puzzling Pooch
If you want proof of God’s sense of humor, please take as exhibit A our dog Winnie’s inexplicable body. It’s nothing shocking, at first, no extra tail coming out of her head or anything like that, but give it a moment. You’ll see her nice tan color,
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Meet The Chef: Cheetie Kumar
Pittsburgh, but her family moved to Chandigarh, India, when she was a baby. When she was eight, they moved to the Bronx. Her mortar and pestle, her spice box, and a little packet of garam masala in the freezer that her late mother made. She and her h
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In Partnership With Kiawah River
An impressive 3,600-square-foot custom home on a tidal creek between the farm and the river, designed with outdoor living in mind. $1,907,500 A classic yet luxurious Lowcountry design with vaulted ceilings, a sweeping front porch, an elegant great r