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MAXIM Australia2 min lettiAutomotive
Artillery Armament
Ivanov paid his dues at Dreamworks, Anima Barcelona, and Rimac Automobili, so you know his auto/animation game is past newbie level. Even so, his latest chop up is a step away from his previous work - so ferocious it makes the Tesla Cybertruck look l
MAXIM Australia2 min lettiPsychology
Beginner To badass
Although it may be assumed that I’m someone who predominantly prefers working with high-performing athletes or high profile individuals, this isn’t the case. While this does make up some of my core clientele, I actually really love working with newbi
MAXIM Australia1 min lettiDiet & Nutrition
You Are What You Eat
1 Write it down. If you write it down, you’re accountable for it. And it’s amazing how many Salted Caramel Tim Tams you “forgot” you ate. 2 Portion wise, aim for 2 palm sizes of protein, 2 cupped palms of carbs, 2 thumb sizes of fats and as many ve