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hampagne Books is a Canadian indie publishing electronic and trade paperback books specialising chiefly in romance and its sub genres, as well as SF, fantasy, NA and YA. The editorial team want entertaining exciting stories ‘to transport readers to other worlds, to the past, to the future, lets them enjoy romance, find love, discover what it’s like to be a Bond

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Pace Yourself
In a moment of light-headedness, I once saw writing as being like taking a long walk. I think it was the long bit that came to mind. How long it took to think of something cogent to write; how long it took to actually write the thing; and the length
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Global Gaming Market
Polygon, a US media and gaming website run by Vox Media, is increasing its reporting on tabletop games and editor Charlie L Hall is accepting pitches for features, opinion pieces, reviews, news and previews for the tabletop section of Polygon at www.
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Global Magazine Market
Poetry, non genre fiction, book reviews and non fiction including reportage, historical and political analysis, travel essays and literary, art and cultural criticism, are all invited by the Virginia Quarterly Review during its submissions period of