1 Shot Or 2 Shots? 'The Vaccine That's Available To You — Get That'

As the new Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine rolls out, the health care community is trying to ward off misconceptions about it. The vaccine's one-shot feature may be what wins many over.
Boxes containing vials of the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine sit in a container before being transported to a refrigeration unit at Louisville Metro Health and Wellness headquarters on March 4 in Louisville, Ky. The FDA approved the third COVID-19 vaccine on Feb. 27. Source: Jon Cherry

As the newest coronavirus vaccine makes its debut, the American public has a new set of deliberations before walking into their vaccine clinic — go with the new arrival or stick with the two vaccines that have already gone into the arms of more than 50 million Americans?

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has a few distinct advantages: only one shot is required and it can hold up in a refrigerator for several months.

Most importantly, the J&J version does very well at keeping people from getting hospitalized and dying. It's 85% effective against severe forms of the disease, which rivals both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.

But there's also concern that another topline result may skew perceptions about the shot.

The J&J prevents 66% of coronavirus infections, a finding that comes from a

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