Mountain Bike Rider


What is a micro workout? It is any workout that you can fit into your daily routine in the time it takes to make a coffee. Think of it as a quick shot of espresso for your fitness, but you can have 10 a

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Mountain Bike Rider1 min lettiAutomotive
Size ridden XL Rider height 5ft 10in Head angle 64.3° Seat angle 72.3° Effective SA 75.5° BB height 365mm Chainstay 450mm Front centre 840mm Wheelbase 1,290mm Down tube 760mm Top tube 660mm Reach 485mm ■
Mountain Bike Rider11 min letti
Buying a new pair of mountain bike wheels is a sizeable investment, but choose wisely and it can actually be one of, if not, the most transformative upgrades to your riding experience. On the surface, wheels simply roll and support tyres that cushion
Mountain Bike Rider2 min letti
Know Your Wheels
Lighter wheels accelerate and decelerate more quickly. They change direction with less effort and make climbing easier. It’s not that simple though, as wheel roundness and stiffness are factors too, plus the physics involved with rotating mass and ce