The Art of Healing

Do You Have A Weakened IMMUNE SYSTEM?

Immunity is on just about everyone’s mind lately, and it should be because a healthy body relies on a strong immune system for fighting off viruses as well as pathogenic bacteria and parasites. Supporting the immune system is very important, especially in light of the pandemic. But how do we know if our immune system is on the slack side and what does it mean?  

The most obvious risk factors for impaired immunity are chronic disease or autoimmune disease, but there are lifestyle factors that can set you up for infections.

Typically for the general healthy population that does not have any underlying medical conditions these factors can include (but are not limited to) maintaining an unhealthy diet, having a high-stress job,

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The Art of Healing
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The Art of Healing1 min letti
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Mental Health Or Mental Wellness?
The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) has recently released its major research report for 2020: Defining the Mental Wellness Economy. It’s the first study to define mental wellness as opposed to mental health and to clarify the key concepts and pathway