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We like phat pipes, and we cannot lie. And over the past 20 years we’ve seen internet connections change from dial-up to ADSL over copper wire, to today’s fibre-optics. So what’s next for how we transfer data?

Imagine a network that, instead of using pulses of light to send signals, uses the properties of photons themselves. This is a quantum network, and it relies on something Einstein wasn’t very fond of: quantum entanglement. Decried as ‘spooky action at a distance’ by the moustachioed relativity-theoriser, entanglement means creating a pair of photons in such a way that, when you measure the quantum state

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Character Study
A high elf and the only woman in the original adventuring party. She fell in love with the group’s hunky leader, Parn. The original hero of the series is a brave but inexperienced young warrior, like in every JRPG ever. The elderly dwarf warrior ap
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Name your favourite scene in a western and the developers of Grit almost certainly have an idea for it. “The thing that really sealed the western theme for me is when we got horse combat working well,” says co-creator Bob Berry. “I was like, this isn
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Cursed USB Type-c
The beauty of a USB Type-C cable lies in its reversible orientation. Perhaps that’s why certified monster, Pim de Groot, created a device that offers two functions depending on which way up you plug your cable. Thankfully, the device’s only purpose t