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he witchcraft trials, which lasted in England from the late 1500s to the early 1700s, are full of forteana. Take an event at Manningtree, Essex, on the night of 24 March 1645. Eight to 10 individuals – including the notorious witchfinder, Matthew Hopkins – had gathered

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Fortean Times4 min letti
It Happened to Me…
My sister and I have always been fans of spooky and unnerving stories, and particularly those associated with Devon and Dartmoor, our favourite holiday destination as kids. We both, therefore, knew the ‘Devil’s Hoofprints’ story better than any other
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Sifting The Debris Of Roswell
Roswell is the ufological equivalent of a black hole. It is so strong that no ufologist can escape its powerful embrace and its ability to distort our sense of space, time and reality. Ben Smith, a former CIA operative and science fiction writer, in
Fortean Times5 min lettiOccult & Paranormal
The death in January of writer and publisher Storm Constantine was a great shock to the fantasy, science fiction and esoteric community, and to her many friends and fans. Storm had an innate sensibility for myth and magic and how stories should be to