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How deep is your love?

What’s love got to do with it? Well, everything, of course! Of all the factors that predict positive outcomes in life, supportive relationships are one of the most important, affecting our physical health, our mental wellbeing, the happiness we experience in life and how long we live.

No matter how strong

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Rebellious Streaks
Jacqueline Fahey’s rebellious spirit showed itself early. Now 92 and exhibiting new paintings, the acclaimed artist and writer still remembers being “expelled” from Timaru Girls’ High School kindergarten when she was just four years old. It might hav
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How To Handle The Housing Heat
Searching for your dream build, whether new or old, may come with challenges — largely thanks to continued competition — yet, for those willing to stay the course, do their homework and understand the risks and benefits, the right home awaits. Trade
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On The Flip Side
If Flip Grater was an action figure she’d be Vegan Girl, able to leap mountains of chickpeas in a single bound. The 39-year-old laughs at the description, but it’s true: two years ago, Flip and her husband Youssef Iskrane opened Grater Goods, a vegan