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Common Lizard (Zootoca Vivipara)
Basking on sunny days on a dry log, a stone or a piece of walling, solar-powered common lizards are now at large after winter and romance is in the air. Zootoca vivipara refers to the female's ability to birth live young, contrary to many reptiles' h
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‘One Swallow Doesn’t Make A Summer’ And Other Stories
Swallows have been central to our folklore, mythology and culture since the earliest civilisations. They appear as hieroglyphs on Ancient Egyptian tombs and their mummified corpses were buried with kings to guide them on their journey to the afterlif
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Country Mouse
ONE of the pleasures of buying a new house is waiting to see what comes up in the garden and there have already been plenty of surprises, to go with the obvious roses and tree peonies. However, the main herbaceous border seems to be dominated by the