ost triathlon training plans are structured around routine and repetition: certain workouts on certain days, following a certain order. For Amelia Watkinson, however, it’s the opposite—she thrives when she can have as much variety as possible. Follow her on Instagram (@ameliarosewatkinson),

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Swim Training Gear
RATING: BASICS: A front-mounted head snorkel that’s a great training device for swim technique and fitness ▶ Simple and easy to use; low profile and hydrodynamic ▶ Durable, with a headband that allows for optimal fit and comfort ▶ Stays in place even
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Drills To Help Feel For The Water
Sculling: Besides being in water daily, this is the best way to get feel. Do sculling during warmup, at least a 50. Fist drill: Swim freestyle with closed fists. Forces you to make the most of every pull by using your forearm and gives more efficienc
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Map My Life
FACE OFF $400 | Battery life: 14 hours | Weight: 136g What // Boasting the highest resolution screen (by far) of any cycling computer out there, Hammerhead has a history of big, beautiful color displays that present data in a visually a