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The last year has been a financial challenge for many folks, and lots of people are still taking a financial hit from the effects of the pandemic. Some have found new ways to create income, while others have found ways to leverage skills they learned in order to be more self-sufficient. And, as we’re all aware, prepping doesn’t come free.

With every day a national or global

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Move Like A Ghost And Leave No Trace
The ability to detect, read and follow both human and animal tracks represents a valuable means of developing a more conscious awareness of the outdoors. In the very same manner, the capability to reduce, camouflage or even avoid leaving visible sign
American Survival Guide2 min lettiBiology
Health benefits of the minerals Included in Nutrient Survival products: • Calcium is commonly known for its role in bone health. Additionally, calcium helps with muscle function and maintaining heart rhythm. • Chloride is an important electrolyte in
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ESEE-4 S35VN Fixed-Blade Knife
• Overall length: 9.0 inches• Cutting edge length: 4.1 inches• Overall blade length: 4.5 inches• Maximum thickness: 0.188 inch• Steel: S35VN; 59-60 Rc• Weight: 8.0 ounces (knife only)• Removable handles: Canvas Micarta, G10, 3D G10• Sheath: Molded wi