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Dear CrossStitcher, having got every copy of CrossStitcher since the first issue I have amassed quite a collection of cover kits. Each chart is copied then the kit and the chart filed together for a rainy day. That rainy day came in the form of the l
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Cross Stitcher JUST FOR FUN
1 First performance (5) 8 Quarantine (9) 9 Tomato sauce (7) 10 Straining utensil (5) 11 Portent (4) 12 Pale beer (5) 17 Heavenly messenger (5) 18 Horizontal threads through cross stitch fabric (4) 22 Showery month? (5) 23 Body of water between Englan
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Trend Spotting
IF OUR planting guide sampler on page 32 has inspired you, we’ve a crop of spring bulbs to get crafting with right here too… The cutest mouse is the star of I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud, which comes with aida in the kit, although evenweave (Linda) is