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Many of our favourite crops, including most of our fruits and a number of popular vegetables, need to be pollinated in order to produce a good crop. Even some which are self pollinating will produce bigger and better pickings once bees and other pollinators have worked their magic.

The relationship between plants and insects is complicated, and we are only just discovering the many amazing adaptions made over millions of years by both insect and flower to ensure a successful partnership. Unfortunately, we have unwittingly managed to damage this relationship by massively changing habitats, affecting climate and introducing pesticides. We have also been busy breeding ever more complicated and blousy flower shapes, and while large

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Pests And Problems
Keep an eye out for this pest towards the end of May and through June. Cut the top section off any affected broad bean plants and you can stop a minor attack from becoming a major infestation. Autumn sown beans are less affected than spring sown ones
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HOW TO GROW… Chive ‘Cha Cha’
Chive ‘Cha Cha’ is a real talking point for your herb garden with its strange, false ‘flower heads’. It grows in clumps like a normal chive but instead of the purple-pink flowers that are the norm for a chive, this one bears ‘flowers’ which are like
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Fun With Fungi
Shiitake are the ideal mushrooms for beginners: they’re easy to cultivate and can be cooked in all sorts of ways. Not only are they extremely flavoursome, but they also have proven health benefits. The name ‘shiitake’ comes from Japanese and means ‘m