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n mild areas you can sow direct in the ground outdoors at the end of April. If late frosts and cold wet earth area problem, then it is safer to start seed in pots with a little warmth – you can choose your

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Beautiful Basil
You want flavour and you want it cranked up to full volume? Well, prepare to taser your taste buds, because basil’s about to blow the lid off herbs as you know them! Basil is one of the few herbs with a smell every bit as intense as its taste. Run a
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Other Cleaning Tips
■ Use a 50:50 vinegar and vegetable oil solution, buffed with a gentle cloth to clean laminated furniture. ■ Use lemon juice to clean the bathroom. It leaves a refreshing fragrance, as well as sparkling taps! ■ Get rid of discolouration on grout by s
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On The Outside…
■ Lemon juice applied to doors and window entry points can deter insects. And ants hate vinegar – so if you have a problem with ants coming into your home, you can pour vinegar at their crossing point to eliminate the problem. ■ Keep weeds under cont