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On The Veg Patch
Cover fruit bushes with netting to protect from birds. Choose your moment and make sure the mesh size allows insects through to pollinate flowers. Take care not to pull off fruitlets as you move netting over and do take the time to mend any holes. Pi
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The Scent Of Spring
An iconic allotment bloom, wallflowers have long been a mainstay of the cut flower patch and ornamental borders during the spring and early summer. Hardy during the coldest winters (as long as the soil isn’t too heavy and wet), a sowing from May to J
Kitchen Garden4 min lettiArchitecture
A Woman Of Many Parts
How have you been lately during these challenging times? Lockdown has allowed me to spend more time at home. I am normally away filming, leading garden tours, working overseas and lecturing all over the UK and internationally. I have been able to pla