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Where be dragons?

he famous warning ‘Here be dragons’ is a map myth: It was never actually written on old maps, though

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Popular Mechanics South Africa3 min lettiComputers
This MakerBot Made 3D Printing Hot
RELEASED IN 2012, THE MakerBot Replicator sold for $1749 (or about R15 200 at the exchange rate back then). For that price, you could own the first mass-market, consumer-grade 3D printer. It’s the equivalent of the first Homebrew desktop computer, or
Popular Mechanics South Africa1 min lettiNature
Alternatives To Milk
ALMOND MILK is made from ground almonds and filtered water, but may also contain thickeners and emulsifiers to help improve consistency. Unsweetened, it’s particularly low in calories and is free from saturated fat. Though almonds are high in protein
Popular Mechanics South Africa3 min lettiEconomics
Building Da Vinci’s Forgottten Bridge
WHEN SULTAN Bayezid II of the Ottoman Empire requested proposals for a bridge connecting capital city Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey) with the neighbouring city, Galata (Karaköy, Turkey) at the turn of the 16th century, famed inventor Leonardo