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Ashley Roberts, 39

he’s been blossoming into a style icon and, here, TV star Ashley nails yet another trend. Pairing her bold floral shirt with a

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Not Just Jobs For The Boys!
Across multiple industries, women continue to be underrepresented. From politics to engineering, we only make up a small percentage of jobs in some of the biggest sectors and, despite calls for change, women are still losing out on powerful positions
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Would You Snoop On Your Partner Online?
Jackie Handy, 48, is a diversity and inclusion consultant, author and speaker, and lives in Cleobury Mortimer with her wife Sharon, 51. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean having free rein to inspect every aspect of your partner’s life, and every
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Winter Coat
My first question is, what do we do with the body?’ Jean looked down at the table and gave a little shiver. ‘I don’t know,’ she said. ‘I’ve never had to deal with this before.’ Helen regarded the small, very still hamster laid out on a face flannel i